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Meet The Member: Jasmine Stephens

Jasmine Stephens is a Quality Control Technician at SMT in Durham who makes sure all the amazing graphics fans see during their favorite sporting events are firing on all cylinders. The UNC-Greensboro graduate is also the VP of Technology for WISE Greater Raleigh.

Favorite thing about working in sports?
The opportunity to enhance my knowledge and understanding within different sports. Outside of popular sports such as football, basketball, and baseball, I never took the time to learn about anything else. But now given my role, I have added sports such as curling and biathlon to my favorite’s list.

Best piece of career advice to date & who it was from?
"Always be open new experiences." Advice during my time as an intern at PBS in Charlotte. I had just graduated from UNC Greensboro with two previous media internships under my belt but didn't have a job yet, so I worked under the station’s Graphics Editor and made sure to learn as much as I could from him. He offered a variety of tasks within different departments, outside of his own, if work wasn't available. At the time, I didn't realize how broadening my knowledge within a TV station would help advance me into the next step of my career.

Best thing you’ve learned about yourself at work that has carried over into your personal life. Or vice versa.
I never set limits for myself and stay completely focused on my goals regardless of how difficult things may seem. After graduating from college, it took me 3 years to receive a paid position. During those 3 years, I made sure to enhance my skills while interning at PBS, along with working other jobs outside of sports. Even when things became stressful and discouraging, I never lost focus. I take all of my past experiences and apply them into my everyday life.